Welcome to the Police & Sheriff Support Alliance

“Promoting Legislation That Protects Those Who Protect Us.”

The goal of the Police and Sheriff Support Alliance is to locate and support the elections of political candidates whose goals include a safer America through honoring the capabilities of America’s Law Enforcement Officers.

The safety of our citizens is more at risk now than ever as is the safety of the brave men and women who serve and protect them. It is of paramount importance that there is support for a legislative agenda to ensure that officers have the equipment and resources they need to protect America’s communities effectively. Most importantly, we must encourage politicians to readily support the Law Enforcement Officer that ultimately will be expected to enforce the law.

Law Enforcement Officers risk their lives

every single day to keep us all safe.

Our Mission

It is the mission of the Police and Sheriff Support Alliance to further legislation that will ensure that Law Enforcement Officers are best positioned to provide the highest degree of uninterrupted public safety service to America’s communities. The Police and Sheriff Support Alliance resources shall emphasize and promulgate the creation, or utilization of existing laws that secure our country and local communities through employment of proven and accepted law enforcement tactics and techniques. The Police and Sheriff Support Alliance will further support elections of political leadership who understand the importance of, and encourage interagency cooperation.

Thank you for your generous and critical support of Police and Sheriff Support Alliance.

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